When the scales fall from our eyes, truth soars on luminous wings and wild are the winds of change.

I turned to song writing and performance towards the end of a successful career in linguistics. I had spent a decade doing field research on indigenous languages in remote Arnhem Land and almost two decades in AI Technology in Sydney working on many languages, including Arabic and Pashto.

Born in Tasmania, I came to Sydney and studied acting for three years before returning to linguistics. I chose to embrace song writing in late 2013 as an expression of my desire to perform. In 2015 I released an EP, On The Bones of Love, then my first album Against the Tide in 2017. Another album, Brave Old World, followed in 2020. I have been performing live since 2013, both solo and with my band.

Music, poetry and writing

At the end of 2020 I wrote I am magpie, a short lyric novel, set in Sydney in 1789-1791, incorporating some of the Aboriginal Language of Sydney. I have recorded the novel as an audiobook with narrative and musical compositions throughout. I am magpie is released as a podcast, available for listening on all streaming platforms.

My sole focus now is on music, poetry and writing, and finding the best way to bring my creative drive to performance and to the stage.

‘Brave Old World by Bronwyn Eather is well named, as the record transports you to some imaginary smoky jazz bar. Once inside it, you find that you can’t keep your eyes (and ears) off the stage. Organic, moody, and sometimes a dark embrace, as the night unfolds; you leave in the wee hours, uncertain where the time has gone; but knowing you’ll be back.’

William Bowden (Mastering Engineer)

Other thoughts

My songs and my writing unveil what has been concealed,
and what can be reclaimed and embraced.
We go to the edge. We return to the centre.
We are a culmination of everything we have gathered.

As an older woman who has travelled overland and underground and emerged as a late blooming artist, my wishes and dreams unleashed, I want to continue to move in calling to these creative expressions.

I feel the pressure on this shaping as I move through the male dominated music world. Yet, I also feel confident that my creativity and evolving body of work will lead me to relationships that will embrace and amplify the embodiment of all the feminine archetypes that shape me – mother, huntress, lover, pioneer and wild wise woman.

I hold dearly the opportunity as an artist to celebrate the truth and the power of breaking through and transgressing expectations. Relationships are the key. I have a message for other women and want to share the empowerment and nourishment of the journey of transcendence that comes to women. Working with others, whose experience and skills enhance, support and inspire my work is for me the ultimate goal. I want to continue to write, perform, collaborate and find a range of platforms for my creative work.