A Song A Day – Day 1

No matter how simple, whether good or bad, a song a day. At least two sections. At least two minutes long. Melody, essential. Lyrics and chords recorded. Can always be tweaked or honed later. Oh boy! Here we go!!

A Single Bell

A single bell
A single dove
Ringing in the year
A single bell
A single love
A wish, a silent fear

A single flame
A single prayer
A candle in the dark
A single flame
For those I love
Hard stone creates the spark

A single name
Is all we need
A key to sing and laugh along
A single flame
For all we love
A name who knows our heart song

I light a candle for the place
That urges me to flower
I found some of my grace here
I found some of my power
In a single bell
A single bell