I am magpie | Audiobook Part 1 (Poems I – XL)

I am Magpie | Podcast by Bronwyn Eather
I am magpie
I am magpie | Audiobook Part 1 (Poems I – XL)

‘I am magpie’ is a lyric novel of Australian historical fiction set in the very early colonial years in Sydney. This story references the enlightened age of the late 1700s and the Indigenous language of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. Observe Eliza’s struggle through her dreams and her daily endeavour to create a worthy social contract. In Eliza we see the vibrant innocence of the young woman, the benevolence of mother, the wild passions of lover, the determination of a pioneering spirit and the striving for wisdom echoed in her older friend and neighbour, Meg.

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