When luck and irony collide

Things recently took a strange turn here at the magpie nest. I opened the NSW government health site as I do each evening, to check on details of the latest …

We launch ‘I am magpie’ !!

I’m excited to announce that the launch of I am magpie will now be hosted by Poetry Sydney and live-streamed on Facebook – next Sunday, July 18 at 3-4 pm.
Join us for special guests, readings and conversation. Please go to: “Bronwyn Eather launches I am magpie” on Facebook and indicate your attendance.

North, north, ever north?

How my angst swirls and swoops when there’s another Covid outbreak. So near, or not, anywhere we go perhaps, masked and wary. Checking in and often forgetting to check out. …

Saturday, July 10

Podcast launch ‘ I am magpie’ THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to Covid Lockdown in Sydney Working on an alternative livestreamed event for Sunday, July 18, 3 pm.Stay tuned …

North, north and ever north

Growing up in Tasmania there was, I suppose, a certain inevitability that I would find myself heading north from time to time. Just as the Tamar empties into the sea… …

Rhodes Poetry Retreat 2019

In September 2019 I traveled to Greece to attend a poetry retreat run by the renowned poet and performance artist Luka Haralampou (Luka Lesson). These handful of poems were written and developed there in MonĂ³lithos on the island of Rhodes.

Sunday 6th June, 4-7pm

Accompanying Shadow Project – the launch of Susan Lestrange and Ivana Dirlic Sindija’s magnificent photo exhibit and portrait book. Cooee Art Gallery, 31 Lamrock St, Bondi.