Against the Tide (Alt)

The death of my oldest childhood friend presented a tide of grief and the reluctance to let go. It also brought with it this song, which in turn became the album’s title. A transition from acoustic to archtop electric guitar revealed a wider range of chords, and with a subtle tremolo and sustain, this song developed a comforting ebb and flow. This version features cello and trumpet.
Against the Tide (Alt)
How she danced!
Climbed to the top, and sang to the night
How she sang!
To bright shining stars, and down to the dark swelling tide
“I wanna live!
I’m alive, and riding the pain
And it smiles
Hard as diamonds, and I just wanna shine again”
If we knew!
That life was so brief, we’d have made time to weep
Tears, how they’d fall!
Slide down your face to a pool on the floor
You could swim through the weeping, right out the door
Float in the moonlight, and dream, of a new life
How we’ll live!
In a house by the sea, you’ll sing and I’ll play violin
And we’ll swim through the weeping, guided within
Float in the moonlight, against the tide, out of this life
Swim through the weeping
Against the tide, out of this life.