How I Left You

We change so fast. We live so long. It’s a miracle any relationship lasts the distance of our journeys. This is a love song of longing and resignation, where absence makes the heart grow lighter. A desire to have loved ones close, alongside us, while also having the creative space to grow into our fullest selves. That familiar tension between love and freedom.
How I Left You
And so we bump and roll along
A different track, another song
A wayward turn against the tide
The bones of our love set aside
You ache for what we used to be
Say time has spent our destiny
So sure you’ve been misunderstood
But darling, I’ve never been this good!
A pebble for the memory
A seashell full of mystery
A feather for the night bird’s cries
A pocketful of fireflies, I’m coming home
A thousand days like this with me
The ragged breath of a haunted sea
The dizzy stars of a summer’s eve
I’ll pack them up and you’ll believe, I’m coming home
I’m standing on the shore, knowing there is more
We’re changing every day, I feel so far away
And so we bump and roll along
Some things go right, some go wrong
We keep the mystery inside
We live our love against the tide
I’m coming home, I know you know
In my restless heart, I left you long ago