Aether + Vassallo‘s debut album. These are the rough tracks, before mixing and mastering.

Unbroken – an album of ambient atmospherics, piano, guitar and vocals, set on a single day under La Ninya skies. Each track follows the contemplations of a fragile affair as we move from dawn through the day and into the midnight rainstorm.

  1. Unbroken – in the calm of morning grey – I hold you until we’re unbroken

2. Stumble – a walk to the coastal cliffs reveals paradox in the beauty – no land without stones, no sea without bones

3. Sometimes – middle of the day in the bush – the madness and joy of nature – sometimes when they laugh …

4. Swagger – we give thanks in the afternoon – for all that has been given – we wait for darkness, to show the vibrant stars in all their swagger

5. Desire – evening doubts – desire has not wings – it swims with fins and tail – your ghosts in me

6. Shadow – in the middle of the night we embrace our vulnerability – and offer the deepest embrace under a cracking La Ninya rainstorm