Write, Sing or Swim – Day 3

Rodos to Faliraki. A travel day. I did the research, I made a plan. I knew that not every day can be spent wandering where my eye takes me, stumbling into delights or disappointments. Turns out the plan to catch the bus to Faliraki, a tenth of the price, was not to be. After three attempts with suitcase, backpack and guitar, 29 degree heat, I admitted defeat, fell gratefully into a taxi and off we went. It was the right call. My accommodation is a long way from the bus station, and I arrived, somewhat refreshed, at my new rooms, on the hill just outside Faliraki. Beautiful view of the sea, and the closest I could find to Anthony Quinn and Ladiko Bay. It seems I have turned from traveller to tourist. Oh well. Am very happy to help the Greek economy in my very small way.

After a little rest, I leaned forward and in 10 minutes I was swimming near Kathara Beach, right next to Mandomata, a naturist beach. Maybe that one tomorrow. In the cool of the late afternoon (after another short rest) I walked into town for cash and souvlaki. Such a tourist! Tomorrow, Anthony Quinn Bay, or bust!