Write, Sing or Swim – Day 11

Waking clear I take the early morning sun to drink tea and dive into the pages. There is enough. There is more than I thought and enough to build a journey. Sure, there are some strong themes of wind and stone and water, moon and sun and sea, land and sky and mountain. But that is fine. Time has stretched in this place and every day seems long. That’s always my wish when travelling, and it has been so true of MonĂ³lithos.

Last night I had my first poem ready. By breakfast I have another couple, feeling good. Later in the morning, distilling and distilling, there are several more some short, and some a little rambling.

After lunch I have the mentoring session and all goes well. So beautifully heard and supported. I know now I was ready for this retreat. We go to watch the sun set again over the sea and islands. Nothing everyday about the experience. I am many decades old, and have watched the sun sink into the sea so very few times. We eat together and I come home to write and rewrite working still on the poems. Tomorrow we perform.