Write, Sing or Swim – Day 17

Early start. A long boat trip from the bay out around the point and west, past Agia Roumeli. The bony cliffs start to take on a more fertile look as we head west. Pines fringe the ridges and cling to the crevices, worn by freshwater springs.

Into the water and it’s a little cloudy from chalky limestone for the first 15 minutes of the swim. The temperature of the water changes frequently, from a pleasant 24.5 to around 22, but then, just as quickly changes back to the higher temp. I guess this is the freshwater springs making it all the way through the rock to the sea. The colours above and below the sea are once again spectacular. I turn to look at the sky and spot two eagles wheeling against the blue at the top of the cliff. I check underwater that there are no rocks in my watery path and turn again to do backstroke and take in this view of rocks and sky. It’s a nice little change from the underwater blue. Today I swam around 5k and it was wonderful, though plenty of distance for me.

Lunch again, with our swimmers’ appetites was a treat. We ate at Agia Roumeli, where all the walkers through Samaria Gorge emerge at the sea. Tomorrow we head east along the coast toward Sfakia again. Then a walk along the cliffs. Kali nichta!