Write, Sing or Swim – Day 30

That feeling when you wake up and it’s your birthday and the sun is shining. I wasn’t sure how it would be to have a birthday away from home, friends and family. The alternative was cutting my travels short, so a fairly easy choice. I was trying to remember what I was doing ten years ago and eventually recalled that I had just returned from a quick trip to Maningrida in Arnhem Land, where we stayed with my nieces.

Lashing out today. Took a taxi from Chaniá to Maráthi so I could swim and sit by the beach. A beautiful relaxing day and nice to breathe in the coastal air away from the bustle of the old city.

As we drive east I catch the mountains over my right shoulder, torn pages of shadow, dark in the foreground and getting lighter as they get higher, the last higher than the bank of clouds on the horizon.

The water is perfect and I’m at once back with the rocks and fish and the way sunshine plays on water. It is good to stretch out and swim across the bay. A frappé, a greek salad, a good long read of my book, a bit of sun on my legs and a short snooze. Great day! When I go walking in the evening the cats are out and lively, every corner I turn, everywhere I glance, one or another sauntering along in the jasmine scented air. Kali nichta xx