Write, Sing or Swim – Day 31

I am overwhelmed with all the birthday love, truly, it is very heart-warming. Strangely, as I wander the harbour this early morning I feel a pull away from this relentless beauty. A pull toward something calmer and more earthy.

I went to the archeological museum, and looked for somewhere to pay my entrance fee. It is in an old church I had read. I buy a candle, light it and place it in the sand altar and take a couple of moments. Two older gentlemen sit near the door, but don’t seem to be the officials. A priest is in a side room and perhaps I’m a little early, and he is the official. He sweeps about all black robes and hacking cough. No one seems to be the officials for the museum. I look around the church, puzzled that there are no display cases or archeological specimens as I’d come to expect from the description. I leave, and wander off westwards, looking for other bits of old stone …

Early in the evening, after a long walk, I retrace my steps and realise that the archaeological museum is on the opposite side of the street! I must have passed it, but since I was wandering about so early, it was yet to open. Those priests must have wondered why I was wandering around with my purse in my hand… Clearly my doddery years have begun. Hope I can manage to get the taxi to the airport on time to get my flight on Friday and then make the connection back to Oz. Suddenly the logistics are a little daunting! Nevertheless, I am definitely going to try again for that museum tomorrow, my last day in this beautiful old town. Kali nichta xx