Write, Sing or Swim – Day 32

The archeological museum was uplifting. I went once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. After so much musing on sea, sand, pebbles and stone, I was delighted with the craftsmanship of humans, the transformation to fired clay, metal and glass creations from several thousand years ago. So much more than bricks and blocks and walls for protection, but everyday objects, essential to well-being and highly valued, such that many appeared in miniature in the burial tombs or as sacrificial offerings to the gods. Humans and earth and stone and fire. Decorated or quite plain; domestic or for trade and business.

Among my favourites were the figures of women mourning, both arms raised and palms on top of the head; or in veneration with head tilted back to the sky and one arm raised again, with palm to the front of the head and the other arm held long against the side of the body. Such ancient rites and gestures.

So I sit high on a hill looking north, out to sea or down to the eastern arc of the harbour. A perfect spot for to view ships coming or leaving, past the lighthouse, or over to the left at the sun setting on this my last day before travelling home. All being well, I’ll be home very late on Saturday night, around 11 pm. Kali nichta xx