Aether + Vassallo single launch

On Thursday April 18 we launch the second single from our forthcoming album ‘Unbroken’

“The new single ‘Desire‘ emerges from a warm kinetic shimmer, Eather’s voice leading the listener toward a gestating storm. Accompanied by evening sounds of crickets and the rumbling of the skies and rising humidity, the song finds its climax with cracking dry thunder and flickering firelight. Vassallo‚Äôs insistent arpeggios add to the drama and intensity of the song underlying the yearning of faded romantic love.”

“With ‘Desire’, I drew inspiration from a remarkable work by the poet Anne Carson on the paradoxical nature of romantic love, Eros, the Bittersweet: An Essay,” explains Eather. “I wrote the song after reading the essay and it easily found its way into the themes of Unbroken.”