Here To Stay // lyrics

Here To Stay

Been a while – but it’s over now
From there to here, I know somehow
Been a while – nearly walked away
But now I’m here, I’m here to stay

Been a while – I found it now
The secret’s out, the way I love
Been a while – yeah I’m happy now
To share this heart, this heart of mine

Many years of dreaming
Where I wanted to be
Many years of leaving
All of the best behind me

Been a while – yeah I’m happy now
To find the space to shine somehow
Been a while – yeah I found it now
Right before, before my eyes

It’s never what you think it is
It’s never where it should be
Always looking outside
I found the love inside me

Been a while – my heart’s on fire
Feel so alive with pure desire
Been a while – the story’s true
Love lives inside, inside you