The Shortest Day

The Shortest Day

June twenty-one was a Saturday
Shortest day of the year
In these mild winter climes the nights are so long
You rise when the light is clear

Izzy woke up with the sun today
Breathed in and opened his eyes
Kissed his sweet love on the lips as she woke
The sun was just over the rise

Sing for me Izzy, sing for me
Sing, then our day has begun
Sing for me Izzy, sing for me
And go out into the sun

The stove is warming, the kettle is on
The bread rests by the hearth
The hens have laid, so I’ve brought you fresh eggs
And the dew still clings to the grass, darlin’

Oh you sing for me Izzy, you sing for me
You sing and our day has begun
Sing for me Izzy, sing for me
Now go out for your run

Izzy set out on his favourite path
He knew all the plants, all the trees
He could smell the earth, taste the air
Feel the morning breeze

He stopped to look up at a break in the clouds
A shining path opened wide
Izzy ascended to a light in the sky
Fly Izzy, fly!

We’ll sing to you Izzy, we’ll sing to you
Sing to your place in the sky
The shortest day of the year my friend
Was the shortest day of your life
Fly, Izzy fly!