Thorn in Your Side

Thorn In Your Side

Falling in love in the spring
Like floating to earth from above
One fatal look and the spell was cast
A web of tangled love

Maybe I prayed to the goddess on high
Fated for a passion that burned
Like the red dancing shoes, I could no longer choose
Could not stop for the lesson learned

And the more I love you, the deeper it goes
The more I want you, the sweeter the rose
I cannot leave you, we can’t seem to part
The thorn in your side is the string to my heart

Pluck out the thorn and toss it away
Or bury it deep in the ground
But away from where the sweet water runs
Lest it poison the wells all around
I danced in a circle of light for you
I sang to the stars in the night
I twisted and turned my heart to you
Those red dancing shoes, with their ribbons so tight

And the more I hate you, the more I shrink
The more I curse you, the deeper I sink
An eye for an eye, a lesson learned
A heart for a heart and the mirror that burns

Bury my heart in the deep cold earth
Feed it with scraps from your life
‘Til the worms grow fat on the bones of our love
And the daisies grow bright on the bile

Gone in a whisper, lost on a sigh
Nothing of me left behind
Just a scar on your side where the thorn used to lie
And the dreams of our love in your mind