Against The Tide

Album Description

Delightful and charming journeys of heart and mind, these unique songs sit somewhere between folk, jazz and country rock.

“A lovely record. Sort of textural and wide and mysterious.”

William Bowden (Mastering Engineer)
Mark Fairhurst – Drums , Mike Rix – Bass, John Pye – Fretless Bass, Mary Rapp – Double Bass and Cello, Paul Vassallo – Slide Guitar, Jy-Perry Banks – Pedal Steel, Daniel Pliner – Piano, Hammond Transistor Organ, Dave Burgess – Electric Guitar, Brian Campeau – Glockenspiel, Phillippa Murphy-Haste – Clarinet, Kevin Barker – Trombone, Laura Corney – Saxophone, Ellen Kirkwood – Trumpet, Ruth Wells – Tenor Saxophone, Bronwyn Eather – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Nashville Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals
1. Crooked Tree
CROOKED TREE – The realisation that this continent is clothed in just a thin layer of fertility brings forth a fierce protective love of everything this land gives us.

Crooked Tree Lyrics

2. How I Left You

How I Left You lyrics

3. Against the Tide

Against the Tide Lyrics

4. Second Line

Second Line lyrics

5. Stuck in Limbo

Stuck in Limbo lyrics

6. High On Your Pony

High On Your Pony lyrics

7. Syrian Winter

Syrian Winter lyrics

8. Rhyme and Reason

Rhyme and Reason lyrics

9. Against the Tide (Alt)

Against the Tide (alt) lyrics

10. Into Eternity

Into Eternity lyrics


All songs recorded and mixed by Brian Campeau.
Co-produced by Brian Campeau and Bronwyn Eather.
Mastered by William Bowden.
Songs written by Bronwyn Eather.


This album tracks Bronwyn’s transformation from acoustic folk (EP, ‘On The Bones of Love’) via her 335 electric guitar to a new and delightful space, driven by changing rhythms, coloured by tangy jazz chords and layered with steel, brass and strings. Once again Brian Campeau’s magical touch is evident in the recording and mixing, as well as in the co-production with Bronwyn.