A Song A Day – Day 3

Changing things up a bit today I wanted something darker, more rowdy, a song to holler into the night at a drunken piano bar…

Fin de Siècle

There are spirits at the crossroads
Restless dead are at the door
The wasps have bitten all the dogs
And Hecate brings more
This goddess sees it coming
So she makes a mountain brew
With a long shot of Metaxa
She’ll light the sky for you

In the crowd I hear a heckler
I cannot sing him down
Just like fin de siècle
Only for the one just found
Were all of us so decadent
When this century began?
Ah yes, we thought we owned it
As we watched it fall around

A broken spiral through the air
Crooked feet sprawl on the ground
In a whirling, clinging freefall
Spinning hurdy gurdy round
And no one heeds her old bon mots
We’re gambling with our fate
The guiding winds blow oh so slow
And they’re twenty years too late

A dark night and a new moon
Demands a sacrifice
The unavenged call for our blood
And the hungry stalk the night

Dead souls long for vengeance
Stars scream across the sky
The hounds are here from Hades
And the scapegoat fire burns high
With a sliver of a silver moon
We could all sleep safe at night
By a sacred three-way crossroad
Where Hecate’s shining bright