Write, Sing or Swim – Day 22

There’s thick cloud in the west in the morning. No wind, and a blanketed warmth. A few spits of rain on my wanderings, but nothing that could keep a plant alive. I walk along the sandy beach close to the waves, gazing out, taking in the ions. I glance up to see that I’ve stumbled across a naturist beach and I’m the only one with clothes on. I keep on walking. I take an inland route back to the promenade and find back lanes, a barking dog, herds of goat and some turkeys. Coffee by the promenade and today’s song starts to come. Hoorah!

Back home to get some chords down, play with the words and have some lunch. I’m making my own salads now, in the cottage. Today I also found dandelion greens at the market and cooked up some horta, with olive oil and lemon juice. Delicious!

I’m loving this small peninsula, where I can see different things each day, but still be close to where I live. I take my writing book with me everywhere, but if I need to check in with the guitar or midi keyboard it’s no more than a 15 minute walk. Nevertheless, I’ll be heading for the mountains tomorrow or the next day, to check out the waterfall nereids, and see what it’s like this end of Crete, away from the waves. Kali nichta! xx