Write, Sing or Swim – Day 26

Warm air and blue sky for my last day in Palaióchora, well at least on one side of this peninsula. I headed for the old castle on the headland as I wanted to spend some time sitting with the old stones under the shade of a crooked tree, growing against the wind for many years.

This fort had been used for centuries to defend against the Turks, against the pirate Barbarossa, against the Venetians, and finally against the Germans in World War II. All conquerors have played their part in destroying it, but there remain some foundations, and it still feels like a place of strength.

I sat and wrote a long poem about Red Mary, a notorious widow of medieval Ireland. More of that another time. Over coffee I’d also written the beginnings of a song about Penelope, long suffering wife of Odysseus. In the end I focused on Penelope for my new song today, and since it’s a travel day tomorrow, I may need that head start to pull Red Mary together. Or not. I wandered all around Palaióchora today, feeling a little winsome. We seldom return to these far flung sites of adventure and musing, and a some nostalgia seemed fitting. But now I must finish my packing. The bus for Chaniá leaves in the morning, and my last week in Greece has already begun. Kali nichta!