Write, Sing or Swim – Day 27

After saying goodbye to Mania and her beautiful space, Aris drove me to the bus station. As we climbed into the mountains I saw again that the Cretan earth has a subtle glow about it, a terracotta blush and not the pale chalky earth that I expect in Greece. I arrive in bustling Chaniá and see the Venetian sheen everywhere. The place I’m staying is directly against the old western wall with a laneway taverna a metre from my door. From coastal chic to city sleek, this apartment is just beautiful, and smack bang in the middle of the old city.

I wander round the old port town trying to lose myself. I don’t get too far, as there is so much to catch my eye. Every few steps I am overwhelmed with the rustic beauty of the old stone, the narrow lanes, the endless markets, the plants, the cats… Ended up just getting my bearings really. Didn’t wander far at all. Stocked up on my standard bright red tomatoes, pale cucumber, and feta that is so delicious I need to lock it in a cage! Spotted some fresh dandelion greens at a market, which I’ll get tomorrow to make some horta. Looking forward to further explorations around this old town. Kali nichta! xx